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A Cajun-French word meaning “a little something extra”

I chose this very expressive term, albeit difficult for some to pronounce, as the name of my company to celebrate my Southern Louisiana upbringing as well as the honest, hard-working heritage instilled in me by my family.

A little about some of the major influences from my family – My great grandfather was a New Orleans city bus driver who “retired” to the country with his wife in his 60’s to own and work his family farm. His son, and my grandfather, managed everything mechanical at a regional dairy, from the packaging equipment, to the fleet of trucks, and still works for the same family, even in his late 80’s today. My dad was a brick and stone mason in the Louisiana heat and humidity until he moved on to tackle the larger projects in Heaven.  He taught me what it meant to put in a full day’s work and to take pride in a job well done. My mother was an ER nurse.  She somehow managed to do her job, raise my brother and me, and simultaneously keep her sanity through it all. I often lightheartedly tell her I think she is losing it now. There are many more “family values and lessons” I carry with me daily but there are too many of them and way too many family members to list here today.

Even though I have worked all over the world and lived throughout this great nation of ours since joining the Navy at 18, I haven’t forgotten my upbringing.  Two of the most important lessons from my family are “to be more than fair in my relationships with everyone I come in contact with” and “to give 110 % in all that I do”.

I formed Lagniappe Mechanical, Inc. to do exactly these things. Everyone who is part of this organization has it in their nature to provide “a little something extra” for each person they meet every day. We all try to do what’s best, and give a little something extra, for our customers, our vendors, each other, our families, our communities, and even those we just happen to encounter on a daily basis.

Invite us over to listen to your current commercial HVAC concerns. We are more than capable of helping you with filter replacements, proactive maintenance, unit replacements, tenant improvements, new installations, building automation, and troubleshooting/repairing any type and/or brand of unit.

Whether you are a looking for the perfect HVAC vendor or you are an HVAC professional seeking a place where you can belong and be a part of something extraordinary, let’s have a conversation. Do you want to feel like you are truly well taken care of and that you matter again? Give Lagniappe Mechanical, Inc. a try. We’re a breath of fresh air, and a little something extra, exactly when you need it!

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you,
David Sterling, President, Lagniappe Mechanical, Inc.
[email protected]
Office: (253) 625-5591