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Are you an HVAC installer and/or HVAC service technician and find yourself wondering if there is a better company, better fit, or an overall better experience for you “out there somewhere”? Are you unable to meet your own maximum potential due to inadequate support from the rest of your team or impossible deadlines/quotas/sales goals imposed upon you by managers who care about nothing else except financial statements? Are you working for a residential company but would love to make the leap to a commercial career? I want to help!

Lagniappe Mechanical, Inc. (pronounced LAN-yap – A Cajun-French word meaning “a little something extra” – read my LinkedIn article about this for more background) may just be the solution/opportunity you have been looking for. We strive to give our customers the absolute best, but it starts by giving our team members the absolute best. That means that you will be supported, trusted, valued, and most of all, you will be heard.

We need every member of our team to provide honest opinions/assessments to the rest of our team members and our customers every day so our customers and our business both thrive for the long term. This not only helps our customers and our business, it also helps our employees, our vendors, all their families, and all the communities associated with all of us.

If working with your hands/mind in the field in the HVAC industry, and building relationships with, or making a difference for your customer and your team are what really motivates you, I want to talk to you. If you are the right person, experience can be substituted by your attitude, personality, and willingness/capability to learn.

We are seeking HVAC Technicians to immediately fill two positions:
Both will perform duties of installation and service of commercial HVAC systems and related accessories. The people chosen to fill these roles will primarily perform their installation and/or service duties according to Lagniappe Mechanical’s quality standards, while providing unparalleled customer service. This will include, but is not limited to, meeting with our existing and potential commercial customers and listening to their existing issues, troubleshooting their HVAC systems and related equipment on their properties, estimating/conveying to the office for quote approval, performing repairs/installations/replacements, and maintaining strong relationships with all customers and team members. The candidates chosen will also perform the clerical duties associated with the field work provided. We offer tablets for tracking all work order parts, labor, and notes.

If you do not already know how to perform all the tasks from the descriptions above, but you are interested in our awesome company, take a chance, and contact me! If nothing else, it is worth the conversation, right? You will never know what direction a path may lead if you cannot bring yourself to take the first step!

This position will require the use of ladders so all candidates must be able to safely deploy, ascend, descend, stow, and carry various types of ladders. Ladder safety, among other various safety training courses, shall be provided as part of field readiness training for any selected candidates.

Lagniappe Mechanical, Inc. offers extremely competitive pay and benefits package.
So, what are you waiting for? Shed the headaches, stress, crazy schedules, insane expectations, total ignorance of your existence, lack of support, and whatever else might be happening in your work world today. Come join us and discover what it feels like when you mean “a little something extra” to everyone here at Lagniappe Mechanical, Inc. We cannot wait to meet you!

David Sterling, President
[email protected]
Contractor’s License # – LAGNIMI814J4